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Grabbag Meme


➔ A compilation of some randomizer memes. Found here, here, and here.
➔ Post a blank comment with your character.  
Look for other threads, hit up www.random.org/ and use the randomizer.
If you only want regular prompts, go from 1-11. If you do not mind the R rated prompts, go from 1-16.
➔ Now match that number to the themes below and play out that scene! 
➔ Have fun!
➔ Please note somewhere if you are okay with R prompts, and be respectful of those who aren't!

1. HONESTY:  You are now compelled to be completely honest about everything you are asked. You might even have an inclination to go on and be honest about things you haven't been asked.

2. LIES: The opposite of the above. You cannot stop telling lies.

3. NOTE PASSING: Man, that teacher sure is boring, isn't he? So what better way to pass the time than to pass notes to the person next to you? For the extremely daring, you might even try to pass a note to someone on the other side of the classroom! Just be careful. If the teacher catches you, you might have your note read out loud in front of the entire class...

4. CONFESSION: Today's the big day. You've decided that you're going to finally confess your feelings to the person you've crushed on. Perhaps, you'll leave a note in his/her locker. Maybe you'll hand the note to him/her in person. Oh, maybe you'll even say it right then and there! It's up to you. Just be brave and let it all out!

5. TEACHER & STUDENT: One's a teacher, one's a student. While a teacher is there to help a student grow, sometimes it can be more than that. A class clown might consider a teacher their rival or perhaps a student considers the teacher the parent they never had. Whatever the case, this type of relationship is definitely a special one.

6. RECESS: You're now an elementary school student. Everyone remembers that glorious half hour where you get to run around and truly be a kid, right? Slide, swings, jungle gym, hide and seek, tag, building sand castles... recess was just pure, innocent yet crazy fun.

FRIENDLY FIRE:  You decide to challenge your pal!  Perhaps you're fight on the same side or perhaps you're just testing each others strength.  Whatever the case, this is a respectable battle with a friend.  Play out a scene where you're having a friendly fight in some shape or form

8. TENSION:  There is that moment in battle where you look into the eyes of your foe after a long, grueling battle.  For some reason, you're unable to look away.  Whoa, was that some kind of weird UST?  Perhaps!  Play out a scene where the heat of the battle makes the fight just a little bit more awkward than it should be.

9. TRAGEDY: An injured ally in the field of war.  Delivering the death blow to someone you loved.  Betrayal from a friend.  These are all examples that prove that not all fights end in a happy ending.  Play out a scene that shows the tragic side of battle.

10. ARCHENEMIES:  Okay, that guy over there?  You hate him.  All you can think about is how you want to end him. Maybe he killed your parents.  Maybe he destroyed your village.  Maybe he ran over your pet.  Whatever the scenario, it's time for you and him to duel!  Play out a scene between a hero and a villain!  Or maybe between two villains!  It's up to you and your partner!

11. Ten Years Later: You are now aged ten years. What has happened in that time? Are you still the same person? Barely recognizable?


12. RED FROSTING WITH HEARTS: effect lust, You don't care who it is, but you want them, and you want them ten seconds ago.

13. ORANGE FROSTING WITH TIGER: effect: rough/hatesex, Again, you don't really care who it is. But you want to pin them against the wall (or be pinned) and you want to literally fuck them raw.

14.YELLOW FROSTING WITH PURPLE KEY: effect instant dom, Oh Master~! You suddenly want to make this person submit to you.

Well, I certainly hope you had no plans to go anywhere. You're now tied to whatever surface the mun desires, until you either get off or the mun decides to be nice. (Collars, gags, cuffs, whatever the muns want to use are fair game)

16. PURPLE FROSTING WITH YELLOW CUFFS: instant sub, You want to serve your master in anyway possible. Anyway
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